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The house of Tarama or Tarama r Bari

The house of Tarama

The house belongs to Jagat Guru Sri Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay. A beautiful Idol of Sri Sri Dakhyshyani Mata (Tarama) which was established by Sri Guru Maharaja is the main Deity over here. The "Pran Prathistha" of Tarama was done by the famous Kashi Panda of Tarapith. Here Tara ma is being worshipped as Baishnav way. Tulsi leaf is being offered to Devi's charan.

Jagat Guru Sri Ashok Kumar  Mukhopadhyay, son of Late Haribhusan Mukhopadhyay and Kamala Mukhopadhyay, was the fourth son of them. His father was a good sarangi player. His only one wish was to have Radhaballav as his son.It is said that Jagat Guru was born Blind. It is believed that on the sixth day the boy first opened his eyes and his first vision was on Radhaballav.

89, Thakur bari street was given to them as gift with Radhaballav ji's instruction to the then "Purohit" in dreams. Sri Ashok Kumar was a menace at his tender age. His "Upanayan" took place when he was just 7 years old. Though his nature didn't change much, but at the age of 9 some "Sadhu" from Kashi gave him "Diksha". It completely changed his nature. He was calm from then on.

How the deity of Tarama (Sri Sri Dakhyshyani devi) was born ?

The Devi has come to his dreams and wanted Puja from him in Jagadhatri Roop. But Jagat guru denied devi citing that he couldnot bear the cost. Then Devi changed her roop again to Sri Sri Dakhyshyani to get puja from him. This time Jagat guru accepted Devi Ma in his arms and hence the puja started. It is believed that the Devi is from Mansarovar.

Jagat guru started Durga puja at this very temple 2001. In the first year godess Durga was worshipped as "Dosho Bhuja" (with ten hands) but from next year "Dwibhuja Ma Durga" (Durga with two hands) started to be worshipped. It was called the "Abhoya Murti". The distinction of Abhyoa Murti was that there are no "Mahisasur" and "Lion". Devi durga though comes with her full family.

This might be a conincidence but the Durga Puja at Belur Math was started back in 1901 and Durga puja here started here in 2001. After 100 years gap. The tithi and nakshatra were all same in those two years.

Jagat Guru, Sri Ashok Kumar  Mukhopadhyay departed His Mortal life on 23 rd July 2004. After that the place turned to a Sevakendra with his ideology "Sib gyane Jib seva". To Serve the Distressed Knowing he is part of GOD" bearing His name:- Jay Guru Sri Sri Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay Sevakendra and the Tarama mandir has formed a Trust known as "Sevakendra Trustees".

Main festivals here :

1) 4th February the Birthday of Sri Sri Guru Maharaja
2) Durgapuja on Autumn ( Sept./Oct)
3) Tara Puja on February and on April

Free medical treatment (Homoeopath) as part of the social work by the Trustees

1. Dr. Phalguni Das Chakraborty BHMS, Friday 3pm – 6.30pm
2. Dr. Anirban Biswas, BHMS, Tuesday & Thursday 4.30pm – 7pm
3. Dr. Amit Kumar Ghosh, Saturday, 4pm – 6pm
Dr S.N. Mukherjee, Saturday, 12.30pm – 3pm
Amitava Bhattacharyya, Monday & Wednesday 4pm – 7.30pm

Phone Number of Mandir Seva Trust - 033-2652 3285

#source - Palas Bhai of Tarama Mandir

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