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Serampore Goswami family has an illustrious lineage. They are descendants of Adyaita Mahaprabhu and Lakkhan Chakraborty.  The Goswami family History dates back to Ram Gobinda, A descendent of Advaita Mahaprabhu, who became a Vaisnav and took this title. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was married to ram Gobinda’s aunt Bishnupriya. Ram gobinda and his pregnant wife were once travelling by boat from their home in Nabadweep to Kolkata. On the way, near seorafuli gave birth to a son. The zamindar of that area Basudev Roy, asked Ram Gobinda to stay back and donate land near the Hooghly river for him and his family.

But Ram Gobinda did not receive the land in "Daan". He gave one Rupee for purchasing the land. That is where the Goswami’s later built their ancestral house.

One of the oldest durga puja in serampore Goswami Bari Durga puja. It was over 410 years old. This puja also called “Buri Durga”. When the Durga puja was at its height of grandeur here, Laborers from Krishnanagar would be hired to make Pantua. Food would be cooked over 30 wooden stoves by more than 50 laborers. All the items were prepared through the four days of Durga Puja.

According to tradition, the day before Mahalaya, an artist from Katwa in Burdwan comes to dress the goddess in Daker Saanj. The background has paintings of dasavatar and dasamahavidya, Daksha, Ram, Sita and Radha-Krishna. Puja is performed according to the Devi Purana. The expenses are met from Bank Interest on a fixed deposit, which was created by forefathers of Goswami Family . However others family members also contribute towards the expenses

On Navami, Drummers would go around the village inviting people to a community lunch at the Goswami house. During the five days of festival, most of the villagers would not cook at their home. Along with that, there would be various forms of entertainment like Kavi gaan, Pala gaan, Play, and many more. It is said that on one such Durga puja, poet Antony Firingi visited the Goswami house and had performed here. On 2011 the Goswami Rajbari celebrated the 100 years of that memory with a Kabi gan. The art of Kabi Gaan is fast becoming forbidden from our culture.

All the above information collected from Goswami Family member Sree Debashis Chatterjee.

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