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There are very few cities in the whole world where a college is considered to be one of the main attractions of that city. Well Serampore college falls on that list of the very few. The college is believed to be the single most place of interest where the modern 19th century renaissance in Bengal originated. Serampore College was established in 1818 by Dr. William Carey and his associates, Joshua Marshman and William Ward, under the Royal Danish Charter, which empowered the College to confer degrees in Theology.

These pioneer missionaries, populary known as Serampore Trio, were members of the British Baptist Missionary Society, which was formed in 1792. Carey came out to India in 1793, but due to the hostility of the British East India Company, was obliged to carry on his missionary work for several years as an indigo planter in Malda till he was given protection and shelter in the Danish Settlement at Serampore.

The objective of the missionaries was to introduce Eastern literature and Western science to this country. Their contribution in the fields of arts and science, agriculture, horticulture, archaeology, journalism, social welfare, etc., had been significant. Indeed this period of their work in the field of education was hailed by the historians as the 19th century renaissance in Bengal.

Serampore College was and, perhaps, still today is the only college which imparts religious and secular education under one management. It is clearly laid down in its constitution that “no caste, colour or country shall bar any man from admission to the College.” It was both Oriental and Occidental in character, trying to maintain the regional language as the medium of instruction.

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