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Serampore Chatra Doltala

Chatra Doltala temple

More than 600 years old Sri Krishna Temple. According to Hindu Mythology, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahapravu visited this place way to Sripat Mahesh Jagannath temple on the year 1511. He advised His Parshad Sri Kashiswar Pundit to take care of the Temple. From then on the Doltola temple is also known as Kashiswar Pith.

Adi idol of this temple was Gouranga Vishnupriya. The middle idol of Sri Krishna has a broken leg. During first stage of this mandir establishement, the main purohit used to roam around from door to door along with the main Krishna idol and collect "Bhog". But at one such instance the idol fall and broke its leg. From then on the Bhog was given at this temple.

After the incident, a new idol was made as Hindu shastra doesn't allow a broken deity to be worshipped. But the idol was still there.

The temple is at Raja K.L. Goswami Street, Serampore, Hooghly, 712204

Current President of the temple - Sri Keshab Chatterjee.

The events that take place here are :

Dol Jatra, Janmastomi and Rash Purnima.


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