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Radhaballav Jiu Temple

Radhaballav Jiu Mandir

The story unfolds in the 16th century, with a man called Rudraram, son of Jadunandan. Rudraram with his two brothers came to Chatra to live with his uncle after his mother's death. He was living with his maternal uncle in the Chatra area of Serampore. But due to some family issues with his uncle came to Ballabhpore, and began meditating. The deity Radha Ballabh appeared to him in his dreams and instructed him to go to Gaur, the then capital of Bengal, secure a black stone, to be found atop the gate of the Viceroy’s private residence, and carve an image of Radha Ballabh out of it. Upon arrival in Gaur, Rudraram found the Viceroy’s Prime Minister to be a devoted Hindu, and was able to secure the stone. When they were trying to pull out the stone, sudden appearence of water drop on the stone made the Viceroy very anxious and he ultimately gifted the stone to them. Transporting a stone which weighed several tonnes should have been a challenge but the legend says this was accomplished by supernatural means. The river apparently carried it straight to the Ballabhpore ghat! The idol, celebrated for its beauty, was carved, and set up within a temple in Ballabhpore.

Permission was immediately given to this effect, and Rudraram was blessed with the gratification of his wishes. Nitai Chand gave iniciación and incorporated him in his “upogopal” family and named “Baruthapagopal”.

                                 "Nityananda Prabhu Sakha Ballavpure bas |
                                 SriRadhabollov thakur Jahar prokash" ||

                                                                                     — Vaisnab achar darpan

However, when the river Bhagirathi began changing its course, and came to within 300 feet of the temple, it was thought prudent to evacuate the mandir, and thus, the present Radha Ballabh temple, about a quarter of a mile inland, came into being. The construction of this new temple is said to have been sponsored by the Mallik family of Calcutta, and it still contains Rudraram’s original idol. The old temple was abandoned, and left to be reclaimed by nature.

Present day Thakurbari was built and in the year 1886 and the deities of Radhaballav Jiu Thakur and Radharani Jiu Thakurani were installed in 1887 at the present premises. In the adjacent area houses were built by Ghoshes, all connected through a private passage with the Thakurbari so that the ladies could visit the deities freely without having to go outside.

Thakurbari is administered through an Estate, the managing committee comprises of 12 members of Ghoshes from the said three branches of Nabinkrishna Ghosh, Rajkrishna Ghosh and Gopikrishna Ghosh; currently there are 54 sebayets (members) including unmarried lady members. The current President of Thakurbari is the fifth generation descendent of Nabinkrishna Ghosh.
Thakurbari is open to the public, puja and anjali are performed daily both in the morning and evening. According to Vaishnab tradition six main festivals are celebrated including:

1. Jhulan Jatra
2. Janmastami
3. Nandotsob
4. Radhastami
5. Rasjatra
6. Dol

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