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Darokanath Temple Serampore

Darakanath Temple

Darokanath comes from the place called Dwarka. Dwarka is the home of Lord SriKrsihna. Nath Means The King. So this temple is the temple of King of Dwarka which is Lord Sri Krishna. It is a 43 years old temple in serampore. The temple was founded by Bankim Chandra Karmakar and it is located at 67/A, G.T. Road, Battala, Serampore.

Main Events here are:

Rash Utsab, Dol Yatra, Jhulan, Janmastomi. The devotees from all corner of Serampore and other places in the district gather here to pay a visit to Lord Sri Krishna.

Bengali three months Mangal Aroti is done here at 4 am. in Baisakh, Magh, Kartick. (The three months in Bengali calender)

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